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Enjoy your holidays even more with

5 Ingredient Recipes

Pure Enjoymint Pie

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DairyPure® Heavy Whipping cream

peppermint candy, soft type


unflavored gelatin

chocolate cookie crust

peppermint pie square

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From our farms to your fridge, every DairyPure® product is filled with the wholesome goodness you can count on to make your holidays simply delicious.

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DairyPure® knows how important it is that dairy products taste pure, fresh, and delicious. That's why we follow the high standards of our 5-Point Purity Promise®. In addition, most of our products come from one of your trusted dairies--which you'll see on almost any DairyPure label. This local sourcing is good for the environment, good for the local economy, and good for you!

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Pure & Simple

5 Ingredient Recipes

Spend more time making memories and less time in the kitchen this holiday season with these delicious recipes - all with only 5 ingredients or less.

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